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The Homosexual Origins of Dandy 

Dandy was born Paisley Preston Price to one of the wealthiest families in the British aristocracy. Around the turn of the century his secret relationship with a French prince, who we legally cannot divulge, was exposed and he was cast from society. Inspired by the opulence of Versailles and bawdiness of the Moulin Rouge he created a new identity, taking the name Dandy as he was forced to leave his life of leisure behind. He survived only by becoming a traveling entertainer, rejected from his family for taking on a "job". With such disparities around his past, he dedicated his life to spreading fashion, frivolity, fun, flamboyance and festivities. Along the way Dandy was arrested many times for his homosexuality, so in revolt he founded a secret society of queers, which he affectionately calls "The Lavender Society". You can find him in dance halls and saloons all across the continent, that is North America, not the other one where he is no longer welcome, singing, dancing, and jesting his way into your hearts. If you've read this far - you are gay. Hello, Dahling!

Ryan & The Lavender Society

Based out of Vancouver, Ryan Leslie Fisher created Dandy as a mere means to entertain himself during the last two years of PandiLand. To no one’s surprise but his own, Dandy took off, amassing nearly 450k followers, or members of his Lavender Society,  drawn to his antics, etiquette lessons, and gems of wisdom. That is not to say his three-foot pastel wig, full face of French Imperial make-up, and shiny silken suits were not also a draw. You may recognize Ryan Leslie Fisher from his work on American Horror Story (FX), The Midnight Club (Netflix), The Mentalist (CBS), Demonhuntr (HereTV), or perhaps his trailblazing, queer, award winning sketch comedy series Enemies of Dorothy as seen on HereTV. He is currently an artist in residency with the Massey Theatre in Vancouver, BC. 

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